Graduation 2019


If you are planning to attend this year’s graduation, please register your attendance by emailing


In this email please state your name and your programme, ensuring that all spellings are correct. Please also include the phonetic pronunciation of your name (example below) so we can ensure this is correct when you are called across the stage.

What is Phonetic Pronunciation?

Phonetic Pronunciation is writing down a word how it sounds and not how it is spelt. 

Chiwetel Ejiofor 

Choo-ih-tell Edge-ee-oh-four

Kaley Cuoco

KAY-lee Kwo-ko

If you need more examples click on the video on the right (we know the video is slightly annoying but it is helpful!). 


Due to General Data Protection Regulations, we will only be able to discuss student related issues, with the student themselves. Our staff aren’t permitted to share information about a student to a third party, even if that third party is a family member. 
Please be aware that as a graduating student, your name and programme title (not including your degree classification) will be included within the souvenir brochure. If you would rather your name and details weren't published, please contact
Throughout Graduation, our official photographers will be situated around the venue, capturing images and video footage of the celebrations. Please note that you may be included in this footage, which we could go on to use for marketing purposes – by participating in Graduation, all graduates and guests are giving consent for this practise.
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